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Here’s another Fielding review guys!

My consultation was in Mid-December and did the regular checking and squeezing to see what we were dealing with.  Since I had a lot of puffiness in my nipples and fat around the chest it was decided that he was going to do both lipo and incision.  Total cost was $1590.

So on to yesterday, and the most important.  I was scheduled to come in the night before surgery but thanks to the storm my flight got cancelled and I ended coming in at 6am when I had to be at the hospital at 9am! 

A side note: When I came for my consultation I stayed at the Four Points Sheraton that everyone recommends and boy that place is so nice.  This time however I decided to stay at the exceedingly cheap ($59 bucks a night) and 3 minutes walking distance from St. Joes, Days Inn.  I wish I did it the other way around.  Although there is really nothing wrong with the Days inn the room is ridiculously small and even though there is free breakfast it is at a place across the street and I really wish it was in the same building…
Anyways, my point is the Four Points after surgery is worth the extra 40 bucks, but if you’re strapped for cash and want someplace you can just sleep and chill the Days Inn isn’t bad.  Also they BOTH have wireless internet access so if you have a laptop you can pass the time by nicely. 

Back to the important stuff:
I got to the hospital at 9 am, went to the desk in the 2nd floor surgical day care, and the lady asked me a few questions and sent me into the waiting area.  While you are waiting they tell you to wear those gowns you see on TV, haha that was probably the worst part.  At 9:30 a nurse came in and asked me some more questions, she was really nice and at no time did I feel uncomfortable, no one there will judge you at all.  At about 11:45 am, (2 hrs is usually standard wait time I hear) my anesthesiologist came in and talked to me for a bit asked me for allergies etc, you pretty much get asked the same questions by everybody before you go in haha.  The big man (Fielding) shows up while you’re sitting in front of the operating room and he chit chats with you for a bit only the way fielding knows how.  This guy should run for president as charismatic as he is haha.  SO yah, he made everything so comfortable so you’re as little worried as you can be.  I went inside and a different nurse came out and asked me the same questions and by now I was pro at answering them and it keeps you relaxed. As I sat on the table me the anesthesiologist and fielding talked again and laughed, while we talked the good doctor drew some stuff on my chest and I was told to lie down. They put an oxygen mask on me and the only thing that pricked a little was the IV they stuck into my hand.  He told me I would now be filled with the sleeping stuff through the IV and I was out cold.
I woke up in another room with some other people recovering and the ladies checked on me asked me how I was doing, and honestly with all the scary things I have heard I got out of the anesthesia ok and wasn’t hurting that bad, but still I could barely move because if you DO move to much you do feel a little pain in the chest.  I was wheeled out into an overnight room and there I stayed overnight.  Make sure you bring a book, or gameboy or something that you can do to pass the time or else it is going to feel like forever because you can’t sleep all day then expect to sleep all night, SO BRING SOMETHING! Also, you DO get breakfast and dinner but bring some granola bars etc, in case you get hungry in between.
I woke up in the morning to the smiling face of the doctor asking me how I was doing checking my chest and he said the surgery went well.  After that he told me to come see him in the hospital the next day (As I am leaving on Sunday) at 9-10 am.  I got a prescription for Tylenol 3’s which you can get in the hospital pharmacy on the first floor, and if you’re not from Toronto will cost you about $12.  After that I walked back to the hotel, (that’s right walked) as it was only like 4 minutes and got to my room. I asked for some extra pillows so I could have that more comfortable sleep, but if your staying at the Four Points, you will have more than enough pillows as there are like 50 on the bed.  That is all so far, I will keep you all updated, but right now as I look at my chest it looks significantly smaller, and I am excited for one week to pass by so I can take a look!  The worst part is the limited movement as I am scared to move too much because I don’t want anything to happen so I’m trying to stay stationary and not cause any pain with movement.  Putting clothes on is a chore haha. 
As a background to me was a pretty fat kid when I was younger and I have lost a lot of weight since then by playing sports etc and I am pretty athletic. It was when I got in shape that I noticed I had gyno, because no matter how strong or toned I got, my chest still looked like it had fat on it!
 I have been reading this site for over 10 months now and I want to thank everyone who has contributed and keeps contributing even after they ad their surgery, it is because of you guys I was able to go through with this. Also guys, don’t feel shamed about getting it done.  There is nothing wrong with getting surgery, the only reason we feel ashamed is because people in society has told you that plastic/reconstructive surgery is wrong, but there is nothing wrong with wanted to improve yourself and gain confidence.  So when/if you make that call, do it with confidence and do it with pride. You’re doing this for you and no one else.

You all should hear back from me in the next couple of days. Hope this helped! If you got any Q’s I’m ready to answer!


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Congrats! Glad that everything went all right.

Since you've read this board you pretty much know that for the majority of Fielding patients their will be swelling and the final results may take a while to show. I hope it won,t be your case.

I'm 3 months post-op and still have gyn, but in a smaller version than before. Since I'm leaving far away from Toronto I will wait until 6-8 months before going back to Dr Fielding office.

Good luck with the healing process.

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Congrats on the successful story. Please keep us informed on the post-op healing. I am having mine done with fielding end of march. My price is the exact as yours. I think fielding charges 1500 + GST as a standard price now.

So you stayed overnight at the hospital huh? Fielding told me if i dont have any friends or family member to sign me out from the hospital i will have to stay overnight too. But i think i actually want to stay overnight, incase there in any complications like hematoma that happens that day.

Fielding told me you cant touch your chest too much or remove any of the pads for 1 week, he tell you that too? And then continue wearing the vest for another 2 weeks?

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Hey, I think its a good idea to stay overnight because the only main concern after surgery is Hematoma and that usually occurs within the first couple of hours after surgery.  He also said its not common at all for a hematoma to occur after 2 days unless you get hit in the chest or over exert yourself like crazy and still its a bit ofa stretch. He told me that I can't take the pads off for a week which isn't too bad at all, and the vest should stay on for another two weeks afterwards to help reduce swelling.  He told me today that after 3 weeks I should consider the surgery to be over and continue with everything, I can lift weights etc, but he said go light initially then play it by how you feel. 


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