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A consultation with Fielding is covered with OHIP? Also, if i decided to just get the gland removed, and not get liposuction, would this mean that the gland removal is covered by OHIP, meaning that I would really not have to pay much?


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Yeah, that seems right.

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yes the consult is covered, you just need to present your card.

and yes if you did not need lipo, you would not pay anything.

it depends of your case, but i doubt Fielding would do excision without lipo because it would leave a concave look to your chest. Lipo is not only to remove the woman shape of your chest, it is also to smooth out the contour of your chest after the gland is removed.

you dont want to have a whole under your nipples it would just look very weird.
but then again, it depends of your case i guess.
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surgery did not work...:-(
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