Author Topic: Dr. Frank Lista (pros and cons of his gynecomastia surgery)  (Read 8264 times)

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Please inform me of the pros and cons of his gynecomastia surgery... share your story!


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If you follow my signature link below, you will find my account of my experience (so far) with Dr. Lista. At this point I am 2 weeks post op and I have swelling and alot of scar tissue so I can't make a final verdict on how I think Dr. Lista did, however, I do know that the first day after surgery, before I began to swell, bruise, and develop scar tissue, my chest looked amazing. Unfortunately swelling, bruising and scar tissue are experienced by everybody post-op to varying degrees - and it affects the way your chest looks until you're fully recovered.

Here's the few pros and cons I can say about Dr. Lista's surgery.

  • He's incredibly experienced.
  • His technique is different from most in that he excises the gland through the same incision he uses to lipo, thereby avoiding making scars on your nipples.
    • His clinic facilities and staff are top notch.
    • Time between consult and surgery can happen in less than a month.
      • After care is strong with at least 3 follow up visits.
      • He seems like a genuinely good guy.

      • $$$ - expensive considering that you can get part of the procedure (gland excision) covered by OHIP if you get it done at a hospital, potentially saving yourself 4 grand.

      The million dollar question though, is, was it worth it? I'm very confident it was, I can see improvements everyday as I recover - but I'm not close to 100% of where I want to be yet - and I can only answer that question with the benefit of more time.

      Hope that helped,


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