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  Long time reader - first time poster.

I just had a consultation with Dr. Louis Boileau in Halifax.  He was great to talk to and clearly explained the whole procedure.  For my case he's recommending Ultrasonic Liposuction (UAL).  Has any one here ever had experience with Dr. Boileau or UAL?



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  I can't wait to have this procedure done!  I have struggled with gynecomastia since I was 18.  To be honest, I think it came from a combination of puberty hormones and the ridiculous amount of booze consumed in that first semester of my freshman year of university.  It came in on my left side first, then about a week later the gland started growing on the right side as well.  As I said, this was just after my first semester of University.  I remember being really freaked out about it and going to the doctor.  He told me to wait six months and if it didn't resolve itself he would recommend me to a plastic surgeon.  I was too nervous to go under the knife back then, and my case is somewhat mild so I just dealt with it.  That was 12 years ago. I'm now 30 and say it's time to do something about this once and for all!!
  I've read mixed reviews regarding UAL, but for my case it looks like it may be the right fit.  The glandular tissue seems to be the softer-spongier stuff that is more easily broken up by the weird UAL process.  The whole process seems rather interesting.  Dr. Boileau is board certified and has over 20 years experience, so I think I am in safe hands.  I asked him how many procedures he's done, and he responded that he does 2-3 per week!

I haven't booked a date for the actual surgery yet, but am aiming for around mid-november!  Can't wait!


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Well, it took me a while to actually get around to booking my surgery - but it's going to happen - IN A WEEK!  I am so excited I can barely contain myself.  I have lived with Gyne for 13 years now and it's finally going to be gone!  I go in next Tuesday (June 11) and took the rest of the week off of work to heal up.  My case is rather mild so I don't anticipate the healing to be too arduous but I took lots of time off just in case.
  My case is similar to that of many people on the board.  I was teased in Jr. high for having "breasts" though that was only pseudo-gynecomastia at that time.  The real stuff didn't show up until I was 18 - in my first semester of University.  Right around exam time a noticed a round disk - about the size of a loonie or a toonie, under my left nipple.  It came on really fast and was sore for about a day.  Then about a week later I got the same thing on the other side.  Nipple was sore and then voila - gynecomastia.  I'm a rather skinny guy (6'0, 170lbs) so my pointy chest has always stood out (to me, anyway).  The puffy nipples are the worst.  I remember one time I took my shirt off and climbed on top of my girlfriend at the time.  I saw her eyes go down to my chest and I knew exactly what she was looking at.  I had a peek myself and it looked like a couple of cows udders hanging down there.  Aaah!
  It is awkward to talk about this problem now at 31 - at 18 it was near impossible.  I went to my family doctor at the time and explained my situation.  He said that if it didn't go away in 6 months he would refer me to a plastic surgeon in the area.  Well - I was too embarassed about it to follow up.  And I have thought about it just about every day since.
  Last summer I finally decided that it was time to confront this thing head on and get it over with, so I booked a consultation.  The surgeon(Dr. Richard Bendor-Samuel) is board certified and seems very good.  He showed me some pictures of others that he's worked on and the results look great.
  The only downside is that I'll be healing during prime beach weather, but it's a small price to pay.  I'll be clever about avoiding the beach until the scarring/bruising has healed!
  I'll post some before-pics later this week.
And of course some after-pics when it's all done!

I can't wait!

!!!! :)


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