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Hi guys,

First time here, been reading through. It is comforting to know that you are not alone, it has felt this way for too long. Thank god for the internet!!

Have any of you used Andractim? Do you know anyone who has? I have just ordered some for my problem and wondered if anyone has words of encouragement or any bad stories about it? If it does work I will let you all know, and if it doesn't I will let you know too? Wish me luck. ;D


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Bro check out the user diaries.  There's some people who have used it to no avail and only one person who claimed to have had success with it (but no pictures).  The entire concept of 'miracle' cream that can cure gyno seems really shady though.
There's some nasty side effects too such as anxiety attacks and recurring headaches from what I've read in other people's diaries.
If you can try to consult with a PS.


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