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Heya guys! Check out my experience here;action=display;num=1158377556

Anyways, I went back today to pick up my receipt and the receptionist said that I should take it to Medicare as I can get $700 back! :O Shock horror! LOL

Under Medicare, Gynecomastia's item number is: 45522

Because Medicare cannot issue such a large amount of money over the counter, a cheque had to be made. The clerk said that it would take 3 weeks to arrive.

Hope this information helps :)

- sydboy85

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That is ridiculously low!  Why isn't Medicare paying more for your surgery?!  Are you sure you filled in all the forms correctly?  There are 3 item numbers corresponding to gynaecomastia surgery.

  • surgeon's fee
  • anaesthetist's fee
  • hospital fee

Medicare should pay for all 3 of these item numbers.  Maybe, they only paid for one item number instead of all 3 item numbers.  Receiving $700 for a $5500 is outrageous.  You still paid about $4800 for this which is still too much!

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the reason for thisis becausehis actual surgery was on site in a medical certifired surgery. He wasn't booked into an actual hospital...


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