Author Topic: Why is my gynecomastia not subsiding?  (Read 137 times)

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I am a 34 year old male, pretty healthy and not overweight, with a history of weightlifting and good muscle growth.

About 20 months ago, I started to develop a tiny painful lump under my left nipple which was growing. I had an ultrasound and a Dr from the breast cancer clinic investigated it. It turned out to be gynecomastia and I was told there was nothing that could be done. Reason being, is that an endo got me to do quite a few blood tests to check liver, kidneys, thyroid,  all of my hormones, includes prolactin, oestrogen, SHBG, pretty much everything. They all came back normal except for my SHBG which is a little over the normal levels and has been since I have had regular blood tests over the last few years. They couldn't explain it as they said my hormones were absolutely fine so there was no need to prescribe any anti-oestrogen drugs or anything like that. They did say it could be supplements which have caused it but as everything is normal it'll go by itself in good time.

I have tried to figure out how my lifestyle may have affected this and the only thing I can think of is that 4-5 years ago I took some muscle building supplements which at the time, I am not sure what were in them (I know, I should have but I was just a bit less mature and didn't think about it as they were over the counter at a bodybuilding store in UK). I think these may have caused the issue and knocked my hormones out of whack and my body has tried to recover. I think they could have been pro-hormones, but I am not sure as I can no longer find them!

Since then I have developed a couple more of these tiny sore lumps under the same nipple. They are not visible, only by touching and when the weather is hot, the left nipple gets slightly puffy. A couple of them seemed to have stopped growing now but just a little sore still.

With the above in mind, and my bloods, organs etc. being pretty normal, can anyone give me insight into what could be happening and why I may still be getting these tiny little gynecomastia lumps?



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You have described your situation very well.  The statement by your doctor " it will subside" is not necessarily true.  At your age it usually does not resolve. You have normal labs, a history of possible hormone use and gland growth. I suspect that you basically have gynecomastia which will not resolve. Many cases are of unknown etiology as well. You can wait and see what happens and if all else fails, surgery is an option. Best of luck.
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Many "pro hormone" supplements can cause gynecomastia, even when they say they don't. I am not an expert in all of the different products but I always caution guys to be very areful on what they are taking. Do your research. Once you get the lumps, or even much larger areas of enlargement, you will not be able to get rid of them without surgery. Best to have an experienced gynecomastia surgeon evaluate and guide you. Good luck.
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Thanks both for your replies. I will wait a little longer to see what happens. At the moment, the lumps aren't large enough to be visible, it is just the puffiness of the left nipple which is a little noticeable when warm. When I'm cold, there is literally no difference! I was just concerned that the lumps and tissue would keep growing. If everything was to not get any worse then I could live with them, even the soreness to some degree. In the UK though, GP's and specialists are very dismissive of this sort of thing so it's hard to get answers or any real empathy! 


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