Author Topic: Which medical findings of hormones do I need for gyno surgery.  (Read 1520 times)

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Hi doctor. I had medical findings of my testosterone and estrogen 7/8 months ago.. This is the result

Estrogen <73,4 pmol/L
Testosterone 14.70 nmol/L
(Doctor said that this is ok)

So I want to ask you now, which hormones do I Need (medical findings) to be sure that I can have a surgery ??

Thanks and sorry for bad english :/


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Hello.. today I have tested my testosterone level and estrogen level.. this is the result :

Estradiol <73.4 pmol/L
Testosterone 18.70 nmol/L

If someone please can tell me:

Is this level of testosterone and estrogen  normal ?
I'm thinking about surgery in January, so I will appreciate every answer .. Thank you very much :)

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You are listing hormone levels, but you don't list reference ranges for the lab where they were done, and these vary.  If your doctor told you that the levels are normal, then they're normal.  You haven't supplied any other information about your history, so it's impossible for us to comment on the appropriateness and timing of your surgery.

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There is no medical history or reference values for your tests as was noted.Normal hormone levels are acceptable prior to surgery,if your hormone levels are not normal the cause of the abnormality needs to be clarified before surgery can occur.
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