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I am now 14 months past direct excision surgery. I developed significant scar tissue on both sides that has slowly went down after a couple rounds of steroid shots and time.  I am wondering how long the scar tissue will continue to change and soften more itself with just time? There are still small knots off scar (size of dimes) on both sides and will it continue to change on it's own at this late stage, or is it done at 14 months? I have read other surgical scar sites can take up to 2 years to mature. 

Thank you in advance for any replies. 


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I'll rephrase my question as to when does scar tissue from direct excision typically mature? I know there are many variables, and I have read about external scars, but am wondering how long these small internal scars at the aereola will continue to change\soften? 

Thank you

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Technically scar tissue is always changing as old collagen is broken down and new collagen formed. That is why sailors who developed scurvy from lack of Vitamin C would have old scars break down. That being said, surgical scar tissue can certainly change for a year or so. Massage often helps the process to soften.
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