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Hi, I'm currently 7 weeks post op and have a very puffy nipple on one side. Although I appreciate that scar tissue forms and takes time to heal I was wondering if I could gauge whether this is recurrence or the many trials of the recovery process.

If I pinch both sides I can feel a lump underneath (presumably scar tissue). But when I slouch the right side is pretty flat whilst the left side becomes extremely conical and puffy (furthermore there appears to be some mild cratering on the left side), and very elastic when I tug at it (like a pouch)

If I wear a shirt the right side is flat and the left side is conical even when I am upright. It seems unusual that the recovery would be so vastly asymmetric.

I haven't seen many picture posts on this website that are like mine so any information would be great.

Give me some good news docs! Cheers :)


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Very unusual to have this type of problem so soon after surgery.  Were you originally smooth, flat and symmetric immediately after the operation?

Best to speak with your surgeon -- he knows what was done in the operating room.

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From what I am aware it was just gland excision. It's a little bit frustrating because he declined to do a hormone test (because it was "too expensive" and was apparently "pointless") and thereafter carried out the operation.

Both sides were more symmetric (not perfectly symmetric of course). There is one post op photo attached (the first one) and my nipples don't seem to puff out and seem to adhere to the muscle wall more if you know what I mean. Also there was some bleeding on the puffed up side so maybe that is why?

So are you saying that it is unlikely for gland recurrence to happen so soon after surgery? and also have any of your patients had experiences similar to this where it has resolved itself?

Thanks :)

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From what you described with some post-op bleeding on the puffy side there may be an issue related to that--either a small fluid collection or just resolving hematoma and maybe a bit more scarring on that side.  I would agree with Dr. Jacobs that you should see your surgeon about it. It's probably something that will resolve on its own, or perhaps with a Kenalog injection, but it's best to see your surgeon for proper management. 

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