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I had gynecomastia liposuction surgery on Wednesday morning (10/7). I looked at my chest about 24 hours later the next day and was surprised, to say the least as to what I saw.

My chest looked awful. Yes, there was bruising and all of that, but that's not what I am referring to. First of all, my nipples, especially my right one, are pointy and protruding. The right one even curls upwards a little. Additionally, the skin around the nipple is puffed out and conical too. If I were to equate it to something, it looks like little "tents" have been set up on my chest where the nipples are, elevating the nipple and some of the surrounding skin into a conical shape. It actually looks almost exactly like it did pre-op, but on a smaller scale. It could be swelling, I suppose, but it seems like an odd shape to swell into.

Also, on both pecs above the nipple, there appears to be a "scooped out" look, like I have a normal amount of volume at the collar bone, it slopes into my chest and then out, and where it slopes out is into the pointy nipple. I do not have and have not had any "hard" feeling behind my nipple at any time. I do not know at this point if any breast tissue was removed...or even if there was any. I think this was just lipo.

I have a follow-up appointment with the doctor on Tuesday (can I really wait that long?) I called the doctor's office today. The doctor was out and of course the nurse told me this is swelling), but something is telling me it may be more than swelling.

I fear that I have been disfigured by bad liposuction. If there is revision that has to be done, so be it, but I fear that I'd want someone else to do it and that will cost thousands of more dollars, which I simply do not have. I know it is only 24 hours after the surgery and perhaps I am being a little hysterical, but is it possible to note that bad work has been done so quickly after the procedure? Is what I have described normalin any way?


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It is way too early to comment on your result, particularly without photos.

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