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Hello, I was planning on travelling abroad(Internationally) for the surgery. I have 2 questions:

1. After the surgery, I'm going home about 2-3 days later, I'm going to be walking at the airport and is that to much exercise for a couple days post-op?

2. What if I have post-op complications?

I'm positive that some of the surgeons on this site have experience with people travelling to get the surgery from them, so if you could help, it would be appreciated.


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For patients traveling to Boston for surgery, I ask that they come the day before, and usually stay in the area for 3 days, especially if they are from far away.  Usually, I see them the morning before they depart to be sure they're not having any issues.  I recommend that they bring as little as possible, so that they don't have the carry a heavy suitcase.  Walking through the airport is not a problem.  Dealing with post-operative complications could present a challenge.  Since bleeding, though rare, is likely the most common complication, this normally happens fairly acutely, thus the recommendation of a 3-day stay.  Other issues, such as a contour problem or need for skin removal, as examples, would likely require a return visit.  I have had a patient in the past with a seroma, and I was able to arrange for a local surgeon to assist by draining it for me.  Follow up can be provided via e-mail and Skype for "face-to-face" interaction. These are all items that you should discuss with your surgeon.

Good luck,

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In my practice, if a patient lives within 3 or 4 hours of Orlando, he can go home the day after surgery.  There's always a risk of bleeding even several days later, but he's close enough that it's not terribly tough to come back.  But men who fly to Orlando from other states usually stay at least 2 days after, sometimes longer if it's not too burdensome.  But traveling for surgery can be risky, because complications can certainly arise after you've returned home. 

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