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37 years old, had (as I'll show on my before-pictures) rather severe gyno since teens (bit overweight in my teens, since then I've gone up and down, never did any kind of strength training before adulthood (started a few years back) and has at least put on some muscle even though I definitely still have way too much fat).

In retrospect I should have waited and gotten more fit to get rid of more fat before having the surgery a week ago, but, well, that chance is now gone so it is what it is (I read up fairly well before having the surgery but more so on the clinics information pages and they rarely state/reiterate the importance of being in the best shape you can be before having surgery, still, I can't blame anyone but myself).

Anyway, as I wrote in the title, I'm a bit worried about the surgery not going as well as I had hoped in terms of the aesthetics, I know it's still early (writing this 7 days after) but wanted some opinions on whether this looks alright or not, and if there's anything I can do to increase my chances of this turning out well, I read something about massaging away scar tissue underneath the skin for example?

My main issue is the area around the left nipple, it's sort of a crease or something just north of it, as well as below, and the skin is basically rock hard if I feel around the crease, and it ain't looking very good to me. There also seems to be a dent in the right breast, it's visible on the close up on the nipple, but less so from a little distance. Still, both does worry me as the aesthetics seems quite off.

I've not gotten one of those vests with a zipper some people seem to have gotten, instead I my surgeon put on sort of a tight bra in cotton that fits rather snugly over the chest with shoulder bands, and for the first 3 days I was rolled in very tight with some tape, basically felt like a stiff mummy. Currently I'm using the bra all hours of the day except when showering of course. I've ordered a real vest that should arrive in a couple of days, after reading that I really should be using one.

As you can see, I was/am rather heavily bruised under that same breast, had no drains after surgery but also had no issues with any real bleeding or anything like that either afterwards, I realize it's very possibly a hematoma after reading aboout it afterwards.

 It's hard to tell for me based on my pictures, but it's possible the left breast is a little bit more swollen (in terms of size, not pain/tenderness or anything like that) now (day 7) than it was on day 3 as well.

For what it's worth, the surgeon removed the entire glands as well as some fat that surrounding the glands, and then a fat graft from the sides of the breast was used to avoid the "hollow dent under nipple"-issue, and I wonder if that latter part is what caused those two creases above and below, of course I'm wondering if there is a chance they will even out (I've read that when it feels rock hard it's scar tissue underneath, or maybe I'm still swollen and that is why it's hard?) Those creases above and below are, once again, what is worrying me the most.

Sorry for the long post, but given all the nice comments/posts I've seen from you guys on this board I figured I'd give it a shot rather than worrying all alone.

Anyway, appreciate any insight/comments/opinions.


3 days popstop after removing the heavy tape/bandage:

7 days after surgery:[color=var(--newCommunityTheme-linkText)]

What was removed [Do not click if you are squeamish!]:




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