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It is now one-week post surgery, and I have been sleeping upright for recovery (at say about a 30 to 45 degree angle). It is really starting to hurt my back and more particularly my neck sleeping like this, making it more and more difficult for me to get a decent nights sleep.

How important is it that I sleep in an upright position? For how long and in what way is it beneficial? I am more than happy sleeping on my back with one pillow to rest my head on, but at the moment the situation is that I have three or so pillows all trying to bolster me into an inclined position and it's driving me crazy!



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This is a question you should really ask your own surgeon. Sorry.
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For my patients, I recommend sleeping on one or two pillows -- sleeping nearly upright maybe helpful but it is an extreme IMHO.  It is important, though, to sleep squarely on your back rather than on your side (you could wake up more swollen on one side than the other).

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