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Just a quick question about post-surgery showering.

It has been 48 hours after my surgery and I have been told by my doctor that I can start showering again. I am wondering how long I am able to leave my compression garment off for/should I avoid getting the incision wet ?


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At 48 hours I allow my  patients to take a shower ,which includes washing the incisions.. I would check with your surgeon first.
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I also allow my patients to shower after 2 days.  The garment can be off as long as it takes to shower.  After a few more days, it could be off a little longer without consequences, to wash it quickly, for example.  You shouldn't engage in any significant activity other than showering when the vest is off.

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Agree with Dr. Silverman.  I usually allow my patients to shower at two days after surgery and anytime after that - taking the compression garment off for the shower and then replacing it after the shower.

Obviously it will provide a preview of your results -- but don't read too much into it.  There may still be some swelling and bruising yet to emerge over the next 24-48 hours.

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