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I posted pictures on my last post and I'm stuck in between if I have Gyno or Pseudogynecomastia. 

How do I ask a doctor for their professional opinion without signing up to a surgery?

I have also recently spent loads of money on a recent treatment so I'm looking for something reasonable. Going to America wouldn't be an option for me.

Are there any clinics in Turkey or Europe that have a good track record with an amazing results?

Although I would opt in for a non surgical treatment any day!


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The best option is a consultation. It could be in person or virtual.  We have a gynecomastia doctor in London who you could reach.  Also, in you local area go to the international forum;sa=expand;e71f95037=810d9cde8366245817d07d61287afe01#c5
and patients will advise about doctors in these areas.  Good luck
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I think you are hung up on a few idea that will not serve you well.

First, I do not believe there is any difference between gynecomastia and pseudogynecomastia.  Both, for the most part, are made up of breast (gland)) tissue and fat in varying ratios.  The treatment is the same for both.  So it is an exercise in terminology futility.

Second, one cannot get rid of gynecomastia via diet and exercise.  True, if you are significantly overweight, your breasts will shrink with proper diet -- but they will never disappear -- it requires surgery, which can target the excess remaining tissue and permanently remove it.

Third, if you wasted your money on "other treatments", then be smart and consider it a valuable teaching lesson and move on.  Save up and get surgery done by an expert.

There are a number of surgeons around the world who have expertise in gynecomastia surgery. Do you research, much as <a class="underlinelink" href="">Dr Delgado[/url] has suggested.

Good luck!

Dr Jacobs
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I agree with Drs. Delgado and Jacobs. 
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I also agree with the other plastic surgeons. You have come to the right place. 

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As others have advised you, do not cut corners with your gynecomastia surgery. Find a surgeon in your local region or in an area you can travel to who is experienced in treating gynecomastia. Many doctors offer virtual consultations so be sure to inquire. Once you receive a quote, you can start saving up until you can afford surgery. 

Wishing you much success!
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