Author Topic: Puffy left nipple one month after gyno sergury  (Read 91 times)

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I had a chest lipo only sergury one month ago. The healing prosecc going ok beside that my left nipple is swollen and puffy and look bigger that my right pec (before the sergury my left nipple was also bigger that my right nipple) what can i do to reduce the swelling and the puffines in the left nipple and why it happend . Thanks for help and sorry for my broken english


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You are still early on in the recovery process. Each side of your chest may heal at a different rate, so don't be alarmed. Follow your surgeon's post-op instructions to ensure the best outcome. If the puffy nipple persists after a few months, it may be possible that you need revision surgery. Puffy nipple is caused by glandular tissue which cannot be removed by liposuction. It must be manually removed. 

Best of luck!
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