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Is it true if your chest was flat day after surgery, that it will return to that after swelling?


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Is it true if your chest was flat day after surgery, that it will return to that after swelling?

In general, that is correct.  However, there is a lot of healing that occurs between the day of surgery and the finished result, sometimes about 6 months down the road.  Much of the healing is beyond the control of the surgeon or the patient -- we just have to wait and see.

The most common thing I see is the development of scar tissue just below the areola.  My practice is to inject this with cortisone (ie kenalog) rather than try further surgery to remove it, which would probably result in (you guessed it) more scar tissue.

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I agree with Dr. Jacobs.  In most situations, if things look good early on, they will look good later, even if there are transient contour concerns related to swelling that may become apparent during the early post-operative period.  As for the tissue under the areola, I mention this to my patients early on, especially those who use anabolic steroids.  I encourage them to avoid such things post-operatively, but many certainly resume their use, and they will sometimes express concern over recurrence due to the presence of the lump they might feel under the areola.  If the scar tissue is significant, I will inject it with Kenalog, but typically, I like to give at least six months for resolution before injecting. 

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