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I had a full male chest reduction back in February. At the time my breasts were quite large, hard and pointed. After the operation, I was really pleased with the initial results. I was advised to wear the compression garment for about a month, and ended up wearing it for almost two just to be safe.

However, in the last few weeks I have noticed my chest start to become slightly breast-like again. I have put on a little weight recently, and have now started with a personal trainer and dietician. I weigh 13 stone at present.

My question is: Will a drop in body fat and workouts aimed at toning the upper chest actually work, or will I make the problem worse? My surgeon was unsure, his colleague said it would be fine, but other forums say not to as it would harden the breast outline and look more 'breastlike' than pectoral.

My other question is this: There is some stubborn fat at the side of my chest, which looks like it is contributing towards the breast shape. Should I get lipo to have this removed, or will that cause a severe sag in skin?

I would really appreciate any help anyone can offer. I thought I would feel comfortable with myself after the procedure but now... not so much. I'm reluctant to have a male chest uplift due to the scarring.



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