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 posted this another section but I think its much more relevant here
I had surgery last week from a very experienced and well regarded surgeon on this board (although he doesnt post here) last week. I have a very muscular build and struggled with puffy nipples since puberty. The surgeon excised the tissue and did some lipo. Today was the 7th day, and I was finally allowed to shower and remove the padding. I removed the padding change. My nipples look exactly the same as they did pre -op. I have to wear the vest for anothe 2 weeks (only remove it to shower)
Now, I understand I may sound impatient, and that it has only been 1 week. However, my anxiety is killing me. Should I not have been able to see even a slight difference by now? I mean, they look identical and its really worrying me so I'm just looking for some thoughts. 


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I must say, I spoke to soon. Looking closely, the areola has reduced in puffiness. It now sits flush with my chest. However, the nipple itself is quite long and wide? 
Will the nipple height (for lack of a better term) decrease as I recover? Additionally my ps mentioned that the diameter of the areola may also decrease as mine are quite wide. Do you docs find this to be true?

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As you suggested in your post it is still to early for you to have an idea about your result.
Good Luck!
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Typically, the areola does decrease in size after gynecomastia is removed.  It is very early for you to determine a final result, so just be patient for now.  
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Agree with my colleagues -- it is much too early in the healing game to try to draw any conclusions about the final result.  In fact, you may find that there are changes day to day, with one side perhaps looking slightly different from the other side.  All of this is quite normal.

Be patient.

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