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Ihave had gynecomastia for many years. I am now in transition but havent started HRT. I recently had an MRI of my head after a severe beating.
It incidentally showed a pituitary tumor.
Recent blood work before I start my HRT had the following results: SSHBG 172.5 nmol/L, Estradiol 398.3 pg/mL, Prolactin 104.0 pg/mL, FHS <0.2 mIU/mL, LH 0.1mIU/mL, free Testosterone 1.0 pg/mL, serum Testosterone 263 ng/dL, ALT(sgpt) 119 IU/L, AST(sgot) 52 IU/L.
What questions do I need to ask to find out if this is related to my pituitary tumor? How will this influence my transition? And, with this, gynecomastia, does it influence how my breast augmentation can be acvomplished? Im a 68 y.o. white male. I have a long history of emotionsl issues that read like a text book example of psychiatric issues related to a pituitary adenoma. I thought it was just male frustration with my inability to cope with my wife.
My transition is the only part of my life I am happy about. Even if I only have a short term as the girl I always wanted to be, I will continue with my second group of surgeries.
I would like to know how this will limit me in my future.
Sally June


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These questions are best addressed to the endocrinologist who is managing your hormonal transition.  It's not clear how the addition of estrogen will impact your breasts, but if your goal is to have breasts, it's somewhat irrelevant that you have gynecomastia--You'll have even more "gynecomastia" with hormone therapy.  Breast augmentation would be a possibility either way, but you might find that your breast tissue increases with therapy, or since it's already being stimulated, it might not grow so much. 
More importantly, any management of the pituitary adenoma should be addressed with your doctors. 
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