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I recent underwent bilateral gynecomastia surgery with a extremely experienced and praised surgeon. About a golf ball of gland was removed from each side and mild liposuction (gland grew in about a year and a half). Its now about 9 days post op and there seems to be a weird pinch in my left nipple, the left side also seems to ripple when I lift my arm up in motion, this dimple/pinch aswell as the rippling effect in motion do not appear on the right nipple.

Here is my right nipple in rest.

Here is my left nipple in rest. 

Here is the rippling in the left nipple, in motion/arm lifted.

The questions are, what has caused this in one side and not the other? Is it likely to fix itself in the next 6+ months or is it likely to be permanent?

And the final question is, I was told not to smoke ( as blood vessel constriction could cause damage ), it has now been 9 days since I had a cigarette and Im going crazy. I had intended to quit but It really has the better of me and the last 3 days have been excruciatingly painfull and stressfull. Would I honestly be at any risk of causing damage during the healing process now, after 9 days?


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Nine days post op is much to early to make any appraisal of the results of your surgery.  There is too much healing going on right now.  And it is not unusual for the two sides to be slightly different.  Would strongly advise you to be patient and allow for appropriate healing to occur.

As for smoking, obviously you already know the answer.  Smoking does reduce blood supply and is not recommended after surgery.

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