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Hi drs.
Many thanks for looking ay this.
I had a bi lateral mastectomy one year ago and love my flat chest.
Would recommend surgery to all.
I have been taking omeprazole for gerd at 20mg bd.
I am really worried that this will make my moobs grow back.
I thoroughly trust your advice from experience.
Should I stop taking it and try gaviscon instead?
Thanks again


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The literature regarding gynecomastia and omeprazole documents a dozen or so cases, but doesn't make the same sort of connection as exists for cimetidine, for example.  Similarly, the mechanism is not the same.  Obviously, your concern, having undergone correction, is reasonable, but I'm not sure that it's necessary to change your therapy. That said, there are plenty of options for management of GERD, so if one of the alternates provides you with relief of your condition and relief of your anxiety of gynecomastia recurrence, then it may be a worthwhile change.

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