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I am 19 years old and I had a gynecomastia surgery 6 months ago. I wore my compression vest for about 6 weeks and after that the results were great. But now, 6 months post surgery, my skin is looks loose and my nipples are puffy again.

I live in Canada, and the surgery was covered by the governement, but it was done in a public hospital by a plastic surgeon. I didn't have a liposuccion, the surgeon made an incision below my nipple and removed the gland.

I still have some scar tissue below my nipple but it's not too bad. I don't feel the gland anymore so I know my gynecomastia didn't came back. I would like to know if the loose skin is normal and if it will go away? For the puffy nipples, will it go flat again or stay like that? For now I'm not very happy with the results.

Thank you very much


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At age 19 and assuming you are not now nor have you even been very overweight, your skin should have tightened.  In my opinion, lipo (even without suction) is an integral part of any gyne procedure.  It serves to loosen the surrounding skin so that it can re-distribute and tighten evenly.  It also minimizes the chances of a recurrent puffy nipple.

At six months post op, you are probably looking at close to your final result -- I would not anticipate major improvements in the future.

Best to return to your surgeon for a frank discussion as to what else can/should be done.

Good luck!

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I will definitely check this out with my surgeon and look at my options with him.

Thank you very much Dr Jacobs !


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