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Hi. I had excision of bilateral glandular tissue two weeks ago. My results are amazing. I could not be happier. I finally have the flat chest I’ve never had before. 

That being said, I’m living in paranoia that my glandular tissue will grow back.

Last night I had the smallest bite of a marijuana edible (I live in California). I did not even feel the effects because the bite was so small. I then read later that marijuana can cause gyno, and I’m so worried now that the tissue will grow back.

One small bite, one time is not going to cause a reoccurrence of gyno right? I can feel that I’m being neurotic, but I’m just so happy with the results that I don’t want to do anything to mess it up.

Also, I read that alcohol can cause gyno. I’m not a heavy drinker at all. I might go out to a bar once a month with friends if that, but that’s it. So what…I can NEVER have a drink again? I just feel like I’m going to be living in constant paranoia that I’ll get gyno again. And also going to be so limited in life by the things I CAN’T do, because it seems anything fun (and for me it’s in moderation) causes gyno. 

I’m 30. I don’t do steroids. My gyno was present since puberty and only got worse later in life when I started to naturally lean out. 

I also went to an endocrinologist for labs under a year ago and everything came back normal. 

Please help. 


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Living in fear is not a fun way to live. It sounds like you have new confidence after surgery.  There is no literature that would indicate that moderate drinking would make gynecomastia come back. Marijuana in moderation should not make gynecomastia come back.
It is likely that most of your breast tissue has been removed and highly unlikely that it will come back. Report any changes to your plastic surgeon. Most of my patients move on with their lives and carry on in a way that almost makes them forget about the struggles they experienced with unwanted fullness in their chest. I hope you can have the same experience.  
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Sop. You will be fine. Move on. That's the beauty of getting the surgery. The weed thing is probably a myth - there is not any real scientific study to support the claim. Alcohol would only do it if you developed liver failure. Don't take the steroids. That should do it! Congrats on your successful results.
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Agree with the others--Don't live in fear or you've wasted your efforts and your money.  As I tell my patients, gynecomastia from puberty shouldn't be a problem as they won't go through puberty again.  As for steroids or other medications, if you don't need them, don't take them and you won't get recurrence.  I'm with Dr. Schuster on the marijuana myth--Check the literature, and you'll discover that most of the "evidence" is from the "reefer madness" era of the 70s when weed caused all of America's ills, especially anything that could be used to scare teens from using it. 
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