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Hi trusted doctors!

So a little history about me, I used to be pretty overweight but have lost some of it off a long time ago. I have fluctuated in my weight for a bit now and then, but the attached pictures is how i look now. My skin isn't the tightest due to weight loss. Had a consultation with a doctor in Melbourne, Australia and he said he was going to do liposculpture and gland removal (minimal scarring). When I asked what would happen to the excess skin, he suggested it could tighten up with the compression garment. He said there was a 20%-30% chance that it would have craters or have drooping skin, which can be corrected with another surgery (an option I prefer to avoid).

What are your opinions on this doctor's suggestion? I am happy for a small scar at the bottom if they cut, but the cosmetic surgeon (he is not a plastic surgeon) says they do not specialise in that. He insists their method (liposculture and gland removal) will have decent results, with the obvious risk it might also not.

Would love to hear your thoughts. My pictures are at the bottom for reference. Appreciate it.

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You are still significantly overweight and that has permanently damaged the elasticity of your skin.  And it is that elasticity which we surgeons depend on when we do minimal scar gyne surgery.  In essence, we remove the excess tissues from within and then allow the skin to self-tighten.  That self-tightening is highly improbable in your case.

If you want the best possible result, you should defer surgery until you have lost at least another 20-30 lbs or more.  Then consult with a gyne expert (usually a plastic surgeon with lots of gyne experience) for an opinion.  The average "cosmetic surgeon" (self-designated) is a doctor in another specialty who simply does not have the training and expertise that the average plastic surgeon has.  

In my opinion, in order to achieve a flat and taut chest, you would require bilateral mastectomies and nipple reconstruction as well as liposuction and excision of excess lateral chest fat and skin.  If you opt for minimal scar surgery, you would probably end up with lax, flaccid chest skin with a low-lying nipples.

Good luck!

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Thanks for your comment Dr Jacobs.

I would fully agree with you on the need for the mastectomies and nipple reconstruction. I was mindful of the risks associated (being indentation and low lying nipples) with minimal scar surgery. I have more consultations booked in with plastic surgeons, so will certainly be talking to them. The only reason I consulted with the cosmetic surgeon was because he had done countless of them over here in Melbourne, Australia. I would not mind a bigger scar in trade for a firmer chest.

With regards to loosing more weight, I definitely plan on doing that. In the process right now as a matter of fact.

Thanks again!

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I do not think your skin will shrink well. To achieve the tightest result in one operation I would recommend a Mastectomy type of resection whic would leave you with a horizontal scar along the crease benath your breast. Usually this scar heals well however it could still be visible. The nipple is plaed in the right place as a graft. I believe that any other method will be an imporvement but will have a significant chance of needing secondary procedures.
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