Author Topic: Large Bilateral concave deformations post excision and vaser operation  (Read 91 times)

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I had a surgery bilaterally to remove my gynecomastia two weeks ago. Since the date of operation, there's a very clear indentation over a huge area under my nipple, that is even more distinct on movement or flexing. Since the surgery, the indentation has not improved. I understand that healing is a long process and may change the results, however this indentation is massive and i'm concerned that it may be due to over-resection of tissue and thus require corrective surgery. Is it possible that this will resolve on its own with massage and time?


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Two weeks is a very short time to come to any conclusions. I suggest that you continue your follow up appointments with your surgeon and express your concerns. If you need a revision in the future your surgeon will appreciate a calm non-confrontational approach.
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Dear Burntsmore,
I agree with Dr. Shuster; two weeks is much too early.  The swelling can distort the chest greatly in the early period of healing.  I would relax and follow-up with your doctor. Also, be patient with the process. Your doctors wants a happy patient! 
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