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First of all in my case no liposuction was needed, and the gland that was taken out was pretty small, im very lean so only had some small mammary gland. I have an elastic band right now ontop of some pads which my doctor recommended me to take off tomorrow. I also got antibiotics and pain relievers. My question is, is the post op different when liposuction is involved as well? My doctor said that post op for me wasnt gonna be that hard, since it was only excision, what do you guys think? Since I see in most other post ops the compression vest is used for weeks. Thanks for the reply


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Your doctor's approach is quite different from mine, and he knows best what he's done. I manage minor revisions differently than my initial procedures, but I often still use compression for some period of time, though not a full 4 weeks. You're best to follow his recommendations.

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