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Hello!   And thank you for this amazing website service!    I’ve had gyno since puberty mildly and then more severely after using males hormones in my 20s.  I finally had a mastectomy and lipo last year in Korea with nearly unnoticeable change last year. I believe it was a shady practice after reviewing the office online (after the fact) -   I was stunned and disheartened.  But at the start of this year, my doc here in Japan offered lipo to remove the glands.   I didn’t understand because I always read that lipo removes only fat.    Well he’s a doctor so I tried.    5 months have passed and  it is very healed.   But the nipples still look unchanged.   Curving out and fluffy to the touch.   Not subtle either.   I am disappointed and he offered a second round at 90% off the price.    But it will be just lipo again and he acknowledged already that my case is in fact breast gland.   He just believes lipo is effective to remove it.     Is he misinformed? Or am I missing something?  Even at 10%, I don’t want to go through this a third time with no results.   Can lipo work to even *some tiny* extent on actual breast tissue?     Please tell me yes so I can look forward to this next visit.     And thank you again for everything!


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I use lipo and UAL in nearly every case and I don't think it works to remove true glandular tissue that resides directly beneath the nipple. This tissue usually needs to be directly excised. Also I have found that it gets harder and harder to remove tissue only by lipo each time you go back. Maybe your guy in't really a surgeon so he can only perform liposuction. Check out his credentials. Good luck.
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Thank you for the reply!

I wouldn’t know how to go about a credentials search in Japan. However, their office is located inside the Hilton Plaza (which gives it some status in my mind) and the doctor told me he CAN do a mastectomy but sees it as unnecessary.   He just really believes lipo can remove glands.   From the first lipo, he showed me a photo of what they removed... looked like a jar of mostly blood with a top layer of fat... I asked “where is the gland?” He said “it’s mixed in with the fat”.    I’m not feeling eager at all about this next round.... but I don’t have enough money left for a third full-price operation.   I’m praying for some miracle.   Either way, it’s scheduled for the end of this month.      Thanks again for your input!


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