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Hi all,
Its been 2 months since my gynecomastia Surgery. I had grade 2. I wore the compression garment for 6 weeks as well. My result is good but my right side chest nipple looks invisible. My doc says i wait for 3-4 months more, after the internal swelling had decreased and nerve sensation returned, the left nipple was corrected on its own during the healing process, there is nothing to worry. Sounds great but still i am worried.  Needs ur suggestions/Tips.  I have also attached my pre and post surgery pics so u can judge better.

Thanks and reply asap.




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Thank you for your question.
It looks like it could very well be a crater deformity. If you are in the un-flexed position with your chest and there is an indentation under the nipple then this could be a crater deformity.  It is caused by taking too much tissue from underneath the nipple area.  It can be corrected but will require another surgery or minor procedure. Good luck
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Thank u so much for the reply. You may be right it could be "Crater Deformity" but i also read that in this case sometimes the nipples regained nerve sensation and inverted nipples corrected on their own.  Here is the link ""

sending a screenshot as well. Thanks and kindly reply..


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