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Hi experts and docs,
I had gyno surgery a week ago, gland removal and lipo on the right pec and lipo only on the left, but I notice an indentation on my right pec. Is this a serious procedural problem or is it just some normal post op irregularity that will go away on it's own?

I told my concerned to my surgeon and a plastic surgeon consultant, they told me that it's normal and it's just extra swelling since more was done on the right pec vs left pec, it will eventually even out in a few months. Massage and extra compression might help.

But I think it does not look like extra swell, it looks like the muscle is caved in, or they accidentally made a cut, or too much tissue was removed. I know it's too early to tell, but it just looks very deformed, and when I wear a shirt, it looks like my right pec is divided into three pieces.

All opinions welcome, thanks.

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I answered your question in a thread in another section of this forum.
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I see what you are concerned about. It's a bit too early to tell for sure how it will finish healing. Hang in there and follow you surgeon's instructions. You should have a better idea in a few weeks.
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The source of your concern is obvious, but as noted, you're very early in the healing period, and much will change over time. Many issues will resolve over time.  I tell my patients that I won't do any revisions before nine months to a year, since many contour issues will resolve as healing progresses. 
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