Author Topic: I have painful gynecomastia, will insurance cover my surgery?  (Read 2747 times)

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Ive had gynecomastia ever since I can remember. Lately its been very tender and I cant even sleep on my stomach because of it. It's causing pain, lack of sleep, not to mention social issues. I really don't want to live with it anymore, is it possible that insurance will cover it, I live in the US.


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Anytime there is a distinct change in one's condition, you should consult with a physician and check it out.  Pain, tingling, etc may indicate growth of your breasts.  Therefore, prior to contemplating any surgery, you need to know why this is happening.

Best recommendation is to see your family doc and if necessary get a referral to an endocrinologist, who will do a complete workup.  If all the tests come back negative, then surgery may be an option.  But if the tests come back with something, then you have to rectify and stabilize your condition prior to considering surgery.

Insurance coverage?  Very doubtful -- but there are some exceptions.  Cross that bridge later, though.

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I would second Dr. Jacobs' comments.  As for insurance coverage, you can contact your insurer to find out what their policy is regarding gynecomastia, but even though they tell you that they cover the procedure, it doesn't mean that they will cover it in your case.  If they have a clear set of guidelines in considering coverage, that may give you a clue, but in all likelihood, they won't cover it.

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