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I had direct excision close to 18 months ago and had a decent amount of scar tissue afterwards. I ended receiving 2 rounds of steroid injections over the first year which greatly reduced the scars, but still have dime size left. My doctor will not inject over 2 times, so was wondering if I used hydrocortisone for a few weeks if this would help with the remaining scar \bumps directly under the skin? I had great results the first month post surgery and am now about break even with where I originally started due to the remaining scar tissue.

Also, If I were to consult another Dr for a third round of injections, would I consult a dermatologist or another PS?

Thanks in advance


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If the scar lumps are underneath the skin, I don't think hydrocortisone will work. It is too weak and will not really penetrate beneath the skin. There is really not a limit as too how many times the steroid (Kenelog) can be injected but I don't inject any more frequently than every 6-8 weeks. Also there is no reason to continue if there is not any improvement.
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