Author Topic: How to know it's fat tissue OR breast tissue?  (Read 148 times)

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How to know?

Liposuction can reduce fat tissue... But, can liposuction reduce breast tissue?



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Liposuction will only remove fat and not the breast gland. Good luck
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In some circumstances, I can remove breast tissue with my very aggressive and sharp custom cannula.  Most of the time, I commence surgery by performing liposuction of the entire chest.  In about 20% of cases, I can successfully remove everything; in the other 80% I still have to perform an excision of the gland under the nipple.

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Liposuction works best on fat. There is usually a little fat that is mixed in and around the breast tissue. i use liposuction on nearly everyone, even if they are thin, i order to get a smooth result. Ultrasonic liposuction (UAL, VASER), is extremely effective for breaking down the breast tissue. The broken down breast tissue will then come out with the regular liposuction. In spite of this there is frequently a very dense portion of breast tissue tht must be cut out / excised. i am usually (98%) able to do all of this through a small incision on the side of the cest. This is called the Lateral Pull Through technique and I have been using it for many many years. There are certainly other techniques that work well also. it is best to go for a consultation with an experenced gynecomastia surgeon who can best explain the process and options. Good luck.
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