Author Topic: How much scarring is involved in the surgery?  (Read 176 times)

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Was wondering what grade gynecomastia this is?
Also, will there be massive scarring involved? As that's my main concern as a previous surgery on my arm caused a bit of a keloid scar, don't want that to happen on my chest for obvious reasons.

Looking for an prehand opinion before i go to my consultation in a few weeks


I'm a 25, male, 5'7 about 160. Have been losing weight, will lose even more as time goes on.


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Hi There,

Dr. Cruise here. From the picture, using my classification system this is a Type 2 with severe puffy nipple. This is very treatable and can be performed in-office under local anesthesia. The incision would be just a happy face incision placed at the margin of the lower areola. This area heals nicely. In the rare event there was adverse healing of the scar, we offer medical tattooing as well. 
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