Author Topic: How bad is my gyno(puffy nipples)??  (Read 2065 times)

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I'm 17, and I have been struggling with my gyno for about two years. But recently it has seemed to have gotten worse. I started getting into fitness and bodybuilding in January, and while watching fitness videos I noticed mine looked different from there's. So I looked it up. I did the test where you squeeze under the nipple, and sure enough I felt a lump. Distinctly too, it's fairly decent size. Recently I have been very depressed about it. My friends go swimming and I just have to make up some excuse that I can't. I can't wear tight shirts because my nipples point out like there's a couple marbles under my nipples. I plan on getting surgery in January if possible. I just don't know what else to do. I can't show off my gains in the gym, which is depressing. So what do you think? I attached some pictures.


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Yes it looks like you may have very mild gynecomastia. i would stress that at your age there is a chance that it might get better on it's own. If however it remains for another year or so, it will probably remain. And, it is very mild. Try not let it get to you at this time in your life. I doubt that others notice it as much as you are aware of it. Hang in there.
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Yes, you do have puffy nipples.  If they have been present for two years, then it is unlikely that they will magically disappear overnight.  Realistically, the only permanent treatment for this would be surgery.  In the meantime, you can get a much better contour by wearing a snug compression shirt.

If you do consider surgery, then please consult with a gyne expert in your area.  Surgery for puffy nipples can be tricky -- it looks simple but it is not.

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