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I am hoping someone can answer my question. I had surgery to remove the gland below my nipples last May. That has all healed up. After working out, particularily my chest, I have soreness and swelling for a day or two after in what I call "finger like glands" on top of the muscles in my chest. I do not have pain or swelling where the glands were surgically removed. These "finger like glands" or tissue (whatever they are) travel above, below, around my nipple and into the side of my chest. Some are a couple of inches long and when swollen are about the thickness of a pencil or small finger. Can anyone tell me what these are and what I can do about them?




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You may have some scar tissue around the periphery of where the excision was carried out, which can feel like tubes or nodules. Usually, this resolves over time, though on occasion it may persist.  When you work out, you increase the blood flow in the area, which may cause some engorgement of the tissue, and that may be the source of the discomfort.  If it's not resolving on it's own, the scar tissue could be injected with cortisone (Kenalog or a similar medication), which may help to shrink the "fingers." It also helps to decrease the pain.  You should speak with your surgeon and have him or her evaluate you.

I hope that helps.

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