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I'm a male in my late 20s living in the north east. I've always been a fit guy... but have always been insecure about my chest since I went through puberty at the age of 12 or so. I've mostly been uncomfortable to be shirtless because my areolas are above average. That, plus I have a fairly pronounced chest. 

I've been doing research on gynecomastia and have even set up a consultation to see a doctor who specializes but came here for some insight. Do gynecomastia and above average areolas tend to go hand in hand? Are these separate issues or can they be addressed together? 

I'm not able to find much specifically on this topic. I see some doctors list gynecomastia and male areola reduction as completely different surgeries. Of course a consultation will help, but I'd like to know if any doctors could speak on this in the interim. Thanks so much for this forum and taking the time to read and respond. 



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Most of the time, enlarged areolas are accompanied by the presence of excess fat and breast tissue, although I have seen some very large male breasts with tiny areolas.

The best explanation is an analogy.  Imagine a blown up balloon with a circle drawn on it.  Slowly let out the air in the balloon.  What happens to the circle?  It gets smaller.  The same thing happens  (thank you, Mother Nature) to an enlarged areola when the appropriate amount of excess breast tissue is removed -- it decreases in circumference -- spontaneously.  No additional areolar reduction is needed.  In fact, I do not like doing areolar reduction because of the anticipated excessive scarring completely around the edge of the areola.

Best recommendation:  Have your gyne procedure done by an expert and don't be concerned about the areola -- it will reduce by itself.

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Thank you so much for the simple explanation. This makes a lot of sense and I thoroughly appreciate your feedback. 

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In general, guys with gynecomastia will have enlarged areolas. Most of the time, after the gynecomastia is fixed the areolas will shrink to a normal size. Occasionally the skin around the areola and even some of the areola skin can be removed in order to reduce the atual size if it is still too large. An experienced gynecomastia surgeon can better let you know whether or not it is need at the tie of correction. Some gynecomastia surgeons dn't believe in performing the periareolar reduction but I think that it has a very clear role in the right patient. Good luck.
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