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i had my surgery in January of this year, i thought what better way to begin this year than to remove this burden that i have been dealing with since i was maybe 13 years old. ( i am 21 now )

i told my doctor to remove the gland so that it wont return back. little did i know that the gland isn't removed entirely! :(
my doctor requested a blood test before the surgery and i looked at the results it was a general blood test with just testosterone and prolactin being hormones that may matter with gynocomastia and it was normal

now after 4 month the gynecomastia is returning and i bet at the end of this year it will be similar to pre-surgery look! what a waste of time,money and effort :(
my chest was extremely flat after the surgery and while now it doesn't look like i have gynecomastia for other people who see me, i did notice it get bigger.

i did a blood test that concern multiple hormones which may effect my situation so here is the results

thyroid profile:

TSH ============> 0.7308 mIU/L
FREE T4 ========> 14.14 pmol/L
FREE T3 ========> 4.78 pmol/L

other hormones:

LH ==================> 5.65 IU/L

FSH =================> 3.19 IU/L

ESTRADIOL(E2) ========> 131 pmol/L


DHEA-S ==============> 526.1 ug/dI

SHBG=================> 71.20 nmol/L

CORTISOL (AM)========> 339.1 nmol/L

PROLACTIN ===========> 194.12 mIU/L

it's written in the test next to my total testosterone that its "high" ( it was slightly higher than the top range)
i am not a doctor but i think my SHBG and E2 are high, so maybe that's my problem?
i have read somewhere that e2 levels shouldn't exceed 30 pg/mL in healthy men and mine is 35.7 when converted from pmol to pg, i also don't get morning wood any more (for the last couple of years)

i should also note that my gynecomastia was stable until the last year before i had it removed. it was growing bigger each month :(

please help :(  i don't want to have to deal with this anymore.

sorry for my poor grammer.

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