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Hi all, i had gynecomastia surgery 2 months 10 days ago, gland removal/lipo, everything went well i was happy i could wear any shirt and my chest would look flat, 3-4 weeks after my right nipple and surrounding area started getting puffy, i pinched it to check for gland and i felt a small sized ball and i squeezed it, it would flatten just like playdoh so everyday i would pinch it and massage it to flatten it my guess its scar tissue, when i press on the nipple theres a empty space from the areola to the muscle feels empty like air and makes the nipple and the sides puff out .i noticed after i saw the glands the right gland was bloody while the left was just white. another possibility is that during those first 3-4 weeks i was doing everything with my right hand because my left side was the most swollen post op.i would like to hear an opinion as to what is going on and if it will flatten back. thanks for your time

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Good mourning,
It sounds like you have done everything correctly.  It sounds like post-op swelling. Observation at this point. Good Luck.
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Much too early in the healing process to draw conclusions.  Would recommend wearing your compression garment very snug 24/7  for 6 weeks -- and then perhaps a few more weeks just at night.  You can also gently massage the protruding nipples.

If you still have puffy nipples at 4 months or more, and they do not change with massage or compression, then you may have scar tissue and the treatment would be a simple injection of a steroid medication.

Be patient and do not despair!

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It's probably just swelling. You should check in with your surgeon who knows the best exactly what was done.
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