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i have mild gynecomastia since i was 14 or 13 years old now im 17 and half  im sure that Hormonal fluctuations is the cause of my gyno because i wasn't sport guy i spend most of my time in the internet  i was eat alot of junk food and candy i was little bit over weight or lets say normal weight but close to over weight so yeah im sure that my life style was the reason or an reason of growing the gyno , i have 2 brothers they both have mild gyno like mine but one of them is fat so i cant be sure 100% so you can say also genetic is an reason because we grow fast between 13 years to 16 years i mean really fast im 17 years old and i have i beard and alot of hair in my body and im 182 cm i dont have problems in my body just little Back pain with simple curvature and the gyno , my sleep style is bad I often do not sleep at night maybe its another reason
im 17 1/2 years old 182 cm and 70kg i joined the gym 3 month ago
i have some questions
1- how bad is my gyno ?
2- is gyno only under the nipple ? because i can feel some Glandular tissue when i touch upper chest and near the armpit
3- why my whole chest is soft ? its because the gyno or should i lose more weight and earn muscle ?
4- will gyno grow more or it will stay the same ?
5- i can't get the surgery because i dont have money and i cant tell my dad that i need money for man boobs surgery so do i have a chance that it will go away with Running and gym Especially its not so bad gyno and im not 21 yet ?

6- build my body and chest will make gyno look better and my surgery easy in the future ?
7- should i change the System of my life like eat and sleep and training etc.. for the gyno or it will stay the same whatever ?

thank you


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It looks like you might have mild gyno. An exam would be most useful. My guess is that it will always be there unless you have surgery. I would recommend continuing whatever diet and exercise you are planning. If it is still there when you reach your goals it would be time to go for a real consultation. Good luck.
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I agree that you may have mild gynecomastia.  What you describe as lumps away from the region of the nipple is most likely not gynecomastia, since with a mild case, it would be focused in the nipple-areolar region. That would be the most likely place to feel hard lumps. Otherwise, the chest tissue should be soft like fat.  I would encourage you to continue some physical activity to maintain your weight, and indeed, working out should give you overall health benefits and make your chest look better. If the nipples remain puffy, then you should have an evaluation by a gyno surgeon before embarking on any invasive attempt at correction. 
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