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Hi Dr's

I was talking to my Surgeon today about my operation

They might need to do some skin removal at a later stage for me its unclear as yet (will have to see the outcome of the first op)

He talked about a single cut across (above the nipple) the chest and lifting the chest this way (I guess kinda like a tummy tuck)

However I can't find any pictures on-line of this type of skin removal as they are always done below the nipple in the chest crease (Bilateral Mastectomy) then the nipples
are repositioned in a purse string.

Other than having a long scar across your chest is there any technical reason that other surgeons don't use this method? 

Personally if I do have to have really noticeable scars to fix my gyno I would sooner have one long scar
that didn't look like a breast operation scar than 4 or even 2 scars that are really obviously breast operation scars.

A single scar above the chest could be passed off as anything .......Whats that big scar from? ...Ninja's got me.

gotta be better than replying Man boob removal.

Nothing is decided yet, I have to wait for the outcome of the first op then see if I need further work doing.

it would be interesting to get some other doctors opinions on this subject.



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There are various ways in which lax or excessive skin can be addressed.  Every surgeon has his own methods and none are superior to others.

However, I have a huge number of patients who initially appeared to need skin tightening and who, with appropriate surgery, had their skin shrink sufficiently so that no skin removal (with accompanying scars) was necessary.  Most guys, obviously, would like to have their gyne removed with minimal scars -- and that is my first option.

Sometimes, when the skin self-tightening is doubtful, I will recommend minimal scar surgery and then observe for 6-8 months.  If indeed there is lax skin later, then skin tightening can be considered, but since there would be less extra skin to deal with (all skin will tighten a bit), then any scars would be smaller.  This is called a "two stage" approach.

Something to discuss with your surgeon.

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Thank you Dr Jacobs.

My surgeon (Mr Levick) is not removing any skin right away
just gland and fat then waiting to see how well the skin shrinks
but if needs be he will do a free revision to address skin issues.

My question was mainly because I can't find a single photo of skin tightening done
in this way.


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I would agree with Dr Jacobs in that it is often surprising how much skin contraction occurs after surgery.Why don't you post some photos so we could provide you with better advice.
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