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How long after surgery can you take a plane? I have to take a plane for 2 hours 18 days after surgery. Is there any risk in that?


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When patients come from out of town, I typically do the surgery on Friday, and I recommend that they stay in the area until the following Tuesday or Wednesday if possible.  Any of the common complications would occur prior to departure and this also allows for an early follow up to check the wounds and review instructions. There is also increased risk of pulmonary embolism when one flies and there is also risk related to surgery.  The extra days post-op help to reduce that risk.
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Thanks Dr. Silverman. I am flying 18 days after so unless complications appear after the procedure I guess I should be fairly safe?

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If you are flying 18 days after surgery and you have been checked by your surgeon, then you should be fine.

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I have people that fly in from all over and they typically fly out the next day.
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I prefer my out of town patients to stay in town for a bout a week just so I can see them. But it is also safe to fly out after 48 hrs. If you are going to fly within two weeks after surgery I recommend staying very well hydrated and getting up to walk in the plane each hour in order to reduce the rik of blood clots.
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