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Dear experts,
I have had a quite heavy pseudo/fat only gyno since puberty which has been operated on Monday. My chest still looks quite big but I know I have to wait to judge the results. My doctor noted that around 1000ml of fat have been removed.

Now I am also taking 1.25mg finasteride (fincar) per day for controlling hair loss issues. I have been taking those for about 8 months now in combination with applying 2ml minoxidil to my head per day. The treatment has been very successful, but I have heard that especialky finasteride can cause gyno as well.

Can I continue to use them?


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There are not medical studies to answer your question definitively.

I have some anecdotal stories from my patients.  In sum, if your gyne pre-dated the use of finasteride, and if your gyne did not enlarge once you started finasteride, then it is likely (no guarantees here!) that continuing with finasteride after gyne surgery will not result in a recurrence.  On the other hand, if you had no gyne and then developed it when taking finasteride, then there is a likelihood that your gyne would recur if you were to continue to take finasteride.  Finally, if you had gyne, then began finasteride and noticed a further enlargement of your gyne, then the same caution holds true -- taking finasteride after gyne surgery could potentially lead to a recurrence.

These conclusions are purely anecdotal and based on my long experience with gyne patients, many of whom have been on finasteride.  Again, there are no medical studies or any blood tests that can determine your propensity to develop gyne if you should decide to take finasteride.

I hope this has helped you.

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Thank you for sharing your experience Dr. Jacobs!
As I had severe gynecomastia already long time before taking finasteride I will take the gamble and continue to take them.

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I would agree with Dr. Jacobs' assessment--If you felt no change in your gynecomastia since starting finisteride, I would agree that it's unlikely to cause a problem after the surgery.   

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