Author Topic: Filling crater deformity with Fat flap - long term consideration  (Read 1778 times)

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I would like to do crater deformity correction. What is long term effect regarding Fat flap? What happens after one year, 5 years and longer period of time? Does'nt fat get loosen?
And one more thing. Ussualy, is it necessary to do more then one session to fix the problem?



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First each case is unique.Second it depends if the fat is vascularized or placed as a graft without its own blood supply.Third the size and nature of the deformity will play a role in the determination of the final success.
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The approach to correcting the crater deformity is very dependent on the nature of the deformity and what remains that can be used for correction.  Sometimes, improvement can be gained by liposuction alone if the crater is mild and the chest is still a bit fatty.  Alternatively, fat grafting or fat flaps can be used, again depending on what is present.  Fat grafting may require more than one session, since some of the fat won't survive.  Once corrected, the results should be long-standing.

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