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Hi all

Finding the forum was like seeing a large massive light and the end of my embarrassing tunnel. I've had the problem for years, (26 now) Im about 13.5 stone and just under 5'6 tall. Had the problem with Gyno since I can remember and they just did not get any smaller. I've never been a slim lad which has obviously made the situation worse and have been 14/15/16 stone in my large days. My life has never been easy, i always have to wear a vest under my shirt, my posture is bad, i never ever take my top off in front of anyone, i always wear black, I can't even swim due to being embarrassed to go near a beech or pool,. Anyway Having been to the docs about 6 months ago, the doctor saw my chest and said "there quite large" and with a embarrassed face went red. She mentioned having surgery, I have never even considered surgery at this point and it was all new to me. Well eventually months later I watched embarrassing bodies and saw a male get the procedure, he was so happy with results. The procedure was done by a dr vadadaro in Harley street, and being a London boy myself i googled him and booked a £100 consultation. I went to see him, he said that I have in his words "predominately fat tissue" and he can perform lypo  for £3.400., however he also said that there is a possibility that I maybe left with excess skin, this put me off completely and never considered surgery again, until finding you guys.  My questions are, what are is the likelihood of being left with excess skin, will lypo be enough for someone who has mainly fat tissue, what surgeons will you recommend, how soon after surgery can i go on a beech holiday, how soon can I return back to work(work for a security company), and can anyone help me post a pic on here so you can all see how bad they really are.

Thanks in advance everyone. This forum can actually change my life after so many years.

All the best



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Photos would be most helpful in answering some of your questions.  Others, you're more likely to learn at the time of your consultation.

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