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Is there anything that can be done to prevent this from happening?
"Fat Embolism After Surgery for Gynecomastia"


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I am not a Doctor, but being a moderator I am allowed to respond here. The case you found was.highly unusual and reported tn Turkey. Freak events like this will continue to come up from time to time and they will obviously be reported on the web. Such complications are indeed rare but they do happen. Because they are sensational, they are reported worldwide sometimes giving the false impression that they are common and due to sloppy technique.  Neither of which is true.

All surgery carries some degree of risk. We accept that whenever we have any sort of procedure, no matter how minor. 

I have complications from a triple bupass 3 years ago. The specufic complications I have occur in less than one percent of the cases so I eould not recommend using my experience as an excuse to avoid surgery. In fact, the rarity of my complications is evidence of how safe the procedure is overall.
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I should have pointed out that the case cited was a single event in Turkry five years ago.

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Not sure what to say. it looks like this is the first report of such a case. There are always risks of everything we do. I would consider this one to be extremely rare.
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This is a complication that I have never heard of before.

We hear about fat embolism death with Brazilian Butt Lift and large liposuction cases but not from gynecomastia. I have seen several times pulmonary embolism from blood clots in the legs.  The two I have seen have done well.  From this experience, I have all men wear compression stockings, walk every hour when awake, and if a travel patient a portable pneumonic battery-operated compressing stocking for the airplane.  Possible a light blood thinner if traveling overseas.

Fat embolism is a first.  Thank you for sharing this important information with us!
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