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I know it's a strange question. I'm so confused and need a final convincing  ???

I live near Indiana and Dr. Pensler's location suits me for gynecomastia surgery. I've got a fairly severe case. I do not want to travel further than Chicago.

I'm more than convinced to go ahead and visit him for surgery.

What do other professional doctors have got to say about him? I know doctors know about the achievements of other doctors!
Sometimes what your professional peers think of you is the best possible review.

Yes plastic surgery is sometimes more about business and money but it is also about someone's confidence and well being! At the end of the day we're all humans. So please give me a final push so that I can go ahead and get rid of these two 'obstacles'  :-[


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I do not know Dr. Pensler personally -- but I am familiar with his contributions to  this forum and I have heard through the grapevine that he does excellent work.  He would be a fine choice for you.

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