Author Topic: Do I have gynecomastia?  (Read 997 times)

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I'm 5'11" and was 180 pounds and now I'm 163. They've gone down slightly, but not proportionally with the weight lost. I've had this for about 5 years. I'm seriously considering surgery (lipo I guess) because I don't believe this will go away on its own because it should have already. I know its not the worst case, but it is enough to notice through my shirt and I obviously can't take my shirt off in pools and at the beach.




^^Just put a backspace before



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Any doctor care to answer?...

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Yes, you have gynecomastia. The term is descriptive--"female-like breast."  It provides no more information about the condition (such as cause, etc.), other than a description of the appearance of the chest.

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