Author Topic: Differnt complications what causes them and could you post pics?  (Read 1458 times)

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I am reading as much as I can to learn. The more I read the more I want to know about different complications and whats causing them.

 If anyone of you doctors have "normal" not to extreem pictures of these coplications i think a lot of us could learn alot.

1. Wrinkeld skin typical location in the near region of the areola and looks a bit like a long scar. What causes it?

2. Assymetri in a chest that looks good exept from gyno before surgery. Cant the surgeon see this straight away and prevent it?

3. Uneven bumpy skin over the chest

4. Scaring under the skin so severe that the contour of the chest looks bad.

Finaly I must ask how it is possible to do lipo from a areola cut only. I dont anderstand how some cases with fat lateral under the armpit or so can be reached?



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